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Ballet - With Grown Up

Baby Ballerinas - With Grown up aimed at 2-3 Years, however this is a guideline.

We all join in together, even the grown ups!!  Quality time with your little one <3

Ballet - Without Grown Up

Baby Ballerinas - Without Grown up aimed at 3-4 Years, however this is a guideline.

Building confidence, social skills, working together as part of a group and

developing basic ballet moves. 

Ballet - Pre-Primary

Ballet Progression - Without Grown Up - 5+ continuing to work on and

progress their ballet knowledge, learning the Pre-Primary Syllabus.

Ballet/Tap combined class

Ballet & Tap Without Grown Up 5+ 20 minutes ballet & 20 minutes Tap,

following the Pre-Primary Ballet Syllabus & learning basic Tap moves and dances

Ballet Primary

Primary Ballet Classes. Based on ability, however average age 6-7.

Tiny Tappers

Tap Classes for 5-7years